age 9
my favorite t.v show is tom and Jerry because tom gets hurt
I like maths because I am the in the highest math group
I want to learn how to wield
if I was a animal I would be a wolf because they are cool
I would make them all have extra home work because it would be funny
my favorite food is ice-cream
I want to learn Chinese language

the bungee jump
"No no no I don't want to " yelled Regan as dad pushed him of the edge,
kawabunga yelled cory as he jumped of the edge then Dad leaped down to.


I do it for home work
My eggs name is Bob
my eggs birthday is Sunday
my egg likes chocolate
my egg went to day care and watched me and my
friends play with the vortex


P4140070.JPG In my opinion I think children should not have cellphone because most people don't have them and there parents can't afford them