Here is what Coco the Monkey has been up to when he has gone home with the children of Room 3.

Monday 14th May - At Olivia's House


Cocoa practiced the Ukele with Olivia, then went off for some ballet practice, followed by Taekwon-Do practice.
He was very tired so went home for a banana, then spent the evening hanging out with his new friends.


Good night Olivia and Cocoa.

Coco was very busy on Tuesday. He went to watch the Grants Braes Shooters play netball and then he went to the ice skating rink and went ice skating.

Cocoa went to Brownies Camp in the weekend. He had a very late night and lots of fun.2012_photos_142.jpg2012_photos_140.jpg

Cocoa the Monkey went home with Sophie on Thursday and he played with her cat.cat_and_monkey_003.jpg