Here is an outline of the daily classroom programme for a week. Click the link below to see it.

Children are to do 20 minutes of reading each night. They will have a novel that they need to read so that they can complete their novel challenge. Please ensure that your child reads every night and that you ask your child questions each night about what they have read to see if they have understood what they have read.

Spelling words are sent home on Monday on the homework sheet. Children need to be tested on these words each night so that when it comes to our spelling test on Friday they will know them. Getting them to write them in a sentence is also a good idea so that they are using them in context.

Library day is Thursday. Please remind your child to bring back their novel if they have finished it so that they can get a new novel to read.

Homework goes home on a Monday and must be back on Friday to be marked and so we have the spelling words to do their spelling test. The homework sheet involves basic facts (which they need to learn instantly for the test on Friday - also test them out of order), spelling and an inquiry task.