My name is Chantal.
I am 8 years old.
My favorite TV program is Victoris because there is lots of episodes and it is cool.
My favorite school subject is art and writing because they are fun.
When I am older I want to be a vet because it will be cool to see different pets.
I would be a Puppy because it would be fun!!!!!!!!!!
I would do half school work and half play time because it would fair.
I like strawberries!!!!!!!!!!
I would like to learn harder spelling words.

My egg is called Lulu!!!!!!!!!
She sleeps in a dobble bed.
She has lots of friends.
Lulu likes watching skipping.
Lulu sleeping in on school days.
My egg likes puppys and kittins.
We are doing this because to teach us how to look after room 6 &7.
Lulus birthday is the 15th of May.

Today Lulu went on the fling fox
and went on the trampolene.

It is hard to look after eggs!!!!!!!!!

Hazards when riding your bike powerpoint
Hazards when biking.ppt


My sign is to tell the children at grants braes to use the road potroal .
I used bright colours with dark colours so it stands out.
I made it simple so kids know that it is a road potroal.


1: Do you have a friend called Amy?
2: How wide are your shoes that you were wearing on the day?
3: Were you wearing grey cotton on that day?
4: Do you have children?
5:Did you go into the dental clinic that day?