My name is Ben
I am 8 years old
My favourite tv show is Family Guy.Beacuse it's funny.
My favourite thing at school is pe.Beacuse it keeps you active.
when im older I want to be a tennis player. Beacuse I like playing tennis.
If I was an animal I would be a bird Beacuse you can fly.
If I was the principal for the day I would have a day off beacuse you wouldn't have to work.
My favourite food is steak.
This year I would like to learn how to do my devidabies

My egg's name is Bob.
his birthday is on the 12 of feburay
My egg went to day care
He likes pasta.
he is 4 days old
.P4140050.JPGMy sign is telling you not to kick balls neer windows.My sign is big bold and simple.